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Generic Harvoni (Ledipasvir / Saofosbuvir)

For those who are suffering with Hepatitis C and have been looking for not only treatment but a cure, Harvoni offers hope. So many people are seeing the results and testing negative for the virus in their blood samples three months after they finish treatment, and you can get your medications delivered right to your door by ordering online.

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Product Description

Hepatitis C is a virus of the liver that effects millions of people. There are three different types of Hepatitis, A, B and C. Currently there are vaccines to prevent A and B, but as of yet, there is no vaccine for Hep C. The liver is the largest organ and the most important organ of the body. It does so many things for the human body. To name a few, the liver works with the pancreas and intestines to digest food, it plays a role in the production and release of bile, it stores and releases critical vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream for the body’s use, as needed, and it is the body’s main filtering system, ridding it of toxins and chemicals that would pose a harm to your system. It’s extremely important that you keep your liver healthy and you can help keep it healthy by living a healthy lifestyle and by avoiding certain practices or engaging in certain acts that can increase your risk of acquiring the virus.


What is Hepatitis C?


Hep C is a dangerous disease of the liver caused by a virus. The virus can be contracted in a number of ways; including, through blood transfusions, recreational drug use, sharing personal care items that can transfer small amounts of blood. This includes, razors, toothbrushes etc. Needle sticks and needle stick injuries to health care workers that happen in a hospital setting can pass the virus, sexual contact with a person infected with Hep C can spread it as well as getting a tattoo with dirty or unsterilized equipment.


Hepatitis C causes inflammation of the liver and progresses over time to become extremely damaging to the liver to where it can lose total function and eventually cause early death. Hepatitis C does not always show signs right away so many people do not even know they have it, although the damage to the liver begins right away. Over time, symptoms begin as fatigue and frequent fevers, yellowing of the skin and eyes, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, joint pain, dark urine and gray colored stools.


What is the treatment for Hepatitis C?


Harvoni is a medication that is now available for the treatment of Hepatitis C. In the past, treatments were complicated with multiple medications given and they were many times, difficult for patients to tolerate. Harvoni is the first medication deemed as a cure for Hep C and is much easier to take and tolerate. Clinical studies have shown that in the treatment of genotype 1, 96-99% of patients who have never had Hep C before, were cured of the disease after 12 weeks of therapy of one dose a day.




Harvoni is the combination of two anti-viral drugs; Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir and works by targeting the proteins that cause the infection, Hepatitis C to keep it from reproducing in the body. It is not to be used for viruses such as colds and the flu. This is not what it is intended for, though there may be other purposes to use the drug. The pill comes in 400mg/90mg tablet form.


How to take Harvoni


It is recommended that Harvoni be taken once a day with a full glass of water. It can be taken with or without food and should be taken at the same intervals each day. Do not skip a dose or take more than what your doctor ordered, but if you miss a dose, take one as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, just take the missed dose but do not add one or take an extra dose. The missed dose will start your routine again of once a day from that point forward. Typically Harvoni is taken on a 12 week regimen.


Common side effects


The most common side effects are tiredness, headaches and weakness. It is recommended that you do your hardest tasks that require the most energy when you do have the most energy and rest when you need to. Take approximately 20 minutes naps periodically through the day as you need them to help with your tiredness, but do not nap too close to bed time. Eliminate or significantly reduce caffeine to help alleviate headaches and staying well hydrated and eating a healthy, well balanced diet will help in all areas as well.




You should not take this medication with any other medication with Sofosbuvir in it. This would duplicate your therapy dose and can cause adverse reactions. Also, if it is administered with the drug ribavirin, the contraindications to ribaavirin will then also apply to this combination of medications as well. Do not drink alcohol while taking this medication as it will give you unwanted side effects. This is also not a medication for pregnant women.


If you take the heart medication Amiodarone or recently stopped taking it, your doctor should know about this combination as it may increase the effects of Harvoni and cause an increase in the side effects of tiredness, weakness, and headaches. If these side effects are excessive, you should let your doctor know right away.


Drug interactions

Drug interactions may occur if you take with or recently have stopped taking: St. John's Wort, Stribild, Tenofovir, Carbamazepine, Atazanavir, Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, stomach acid reducers and some known tuberculosis medications. This is not a complete list. You should always discuss all medications you take with your doctor before taking Harvoni.


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For your convenience, you can order Harvini online for your convenience and get it deliveried to your home very fast within just 5 to 9 days after placing the order. Prices from for generic Harvoni, a 90/400mg x 28 package is $1999.99, or $71.43 per unit. Or you may choose Harvoni 90/400mg x 56 for $3332.99, or $59.52 per unit.

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