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Proventil (Salbutamol)

Proventil is used to treat or prevent bronchospasm in people with reversible obstructive airway disease.

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Product Description

Proventil (albuterol)

Proventil is used to prevent and treat shortness of breath, wheezing, asthma and other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Proventil HFA a bronchodilator that helps the muscles to relax and enhance the air flow to the lungs. Proventil HFA is used to prevent and treat the problem of bronchopasm and is used for adults and those children that are above 4 years of age. Moreover, Proventil Inhaler also helps to reduce and eliminate the chances of asthma problems that are usually brought after exercise. Simply said, Proventil HFA kind of quick relief drug. The word “Albuterol” falls into the class of Bronchodilators that facilitate the opening of breathing passages and relax the muscles.

How should one use Proventil?

Proventil must be used as per the description of the doctor and all the directions that are mentioned on the prescription label are recommended to be followed strictly.

Point to be noted here that neither large nor smaller quantity of Proventil must be used. This means the amount prescribed should be followed religiously.

You are supposed to read the patient information of Proventil Inhaler, guides and instruction sheets and in case of queries or concern; you must consult some doctor or pharmacist.

Children must use Proventil under adult supervision only

The usual effect of Proventil lasts about 4 to 6 hours and that’s why the usual dose of Proventil is 2 inhalations every 4 to 6 hours.

Before your exercise, you can use 2 inhalations of Proventil HFA in a span of half an hour before the exercise

Before using the Proventil HFA inhaler for the very first time, prime it by spraying atleast 4 sprays in the air away from your face. Priming is also needed if you have not used inhaler for more than two weeks or had you dropped the inhaler recently!

Here is a step by step guide on how you should use the Proventil. However, the usage instructions of Proventil Inhaler may vary as per your doctor’s suggestion. You are advised to use the same Proventil HFA inhaler that comes with your medicine otherwise you might not get the correct dose of medicine.

To use the Proventil inhaler:

Before each spray, shake the Proventil HFA canister well to blend the medicine well throughout

Uncap the mouthpiece of the inhaler, breathe out fully and then put the mouthpiece in between your lips and close them. Push the Proventil HFA canister down slowly and breathe in eventually. Hold on your breath for about 10 seconds and then again breathe out slowly and gradually.

If you want to use Proventil HFA inhaler for multiple times or more than one time, you must wait for at least 1 minute following the first inhalation, shake again and then inhale.

Keep your Proventil inhaler hygienic and keep it dry as well as clean. Store the inhaler with a cap on mouthpiece and clean it atleast once a week. For cleaning, remove the canister; slightly wash the mouthpiece under warm running water for half a minute. Shake the excess water out and then let the parts dry before you put the Proventil inhaler

If you think any of your medicine is not working or treating, consult your doctor within 24 hours period. Might be possible you will need more medicine or some other changes.

For Asthma patients, use medications as per doctor’s description and recommendation. Read the guide carefully for precaution and do not change the dose or medication until and unless the doctor has advised.

Keep the Proventil inhaler away from heat, light, temperature, moisture etc. Keep Proventil at room temperature.

Dosage Information:

The proventil medicine comes in different forms that includes the

  • Oral tablet
  • Oral Syrup
  • Inhalation Aerosol with adapter
  • Inhalation solution
  • Oral Tablet
  • Inhalation capsule
  • Inahalation powder
  • Compounding power
  • Proventil formulation of Proventil HFA
  • Albuterol Sulfate

The dosage for particular drugs varies as per the person and problem. You are suggested to seek medical advice on the amount and dosage periods for best results. Each of the constituent has its own compositions and that’s why no two formulations should be mixed and confused with. The dose that has been suggested for one cannot be adopted for the other.

Side Effects of Proventil:

Side Effects of Proventil may include:

Nervousness, Tremor, Mouth and Throat dryness or irritation sometime, Headache, change in taste, dizziness and similar minor issue may occur. If any of these issues persists after the use of Proventil then tell your doctor promptly.

While these are every minor issue, most of the users do not face any such symptoms and the doctor prescribes the Proventil inhalers only when they find it advantageous rather than side effects.

Proventil inhaler might raise you blood pressure and that’s why you are suggested to check your blood pressure often and in case of high results inform the doctor voluntarily

For any other serious side effect like Pounding heartbeat, faster rate of breathing or anything, keep tabs on your health and keep informing the doctor as well.

Though chances of major issues with Proventil are next to impossible, yet if you encounter some serious disorder reach medical help first. These disorders may include severe pain, chest pain, confusion, rapid breathing etc.

Rarely encountered side effects of Proventil HFA include the worsening of breath rate, asthma persistence, sudden wheezing etc. Get medical help in any of the cases

Severe allergic reaction, which is found to be rarest, happens. The serious allergic reaction symptoms include itching, swelling, rashes, severe dizziness etc. which rarely occur by the use of Proventil HFA.

Most of the above mentioned side effects of Proventil HFA occur rarely, and several others might also be there that are too minor to be noticed. If you ever feel something unusual while using the same, consultation is recommended.

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Important information on Proventil

Some of the major important points about Proventil include:

It is important to keep the Proventil handy all the times. Your prescription must be refilled before you run out of medicine entirely.

Keep using the other medications as per the prescription of the doctor.

Its best to consult your doctor if asthma medications are not working properly or not helping you will in treatment or preventing attacks. If you are feeling a frequent need of asthma medicine then inform the doctor within 24 hours. Moreover, excessive use of Proventil could be a symptom and sign of serious Asthma attack.

Remember an overdose of Albuterol can prove to be fatal and in such cases you must seek emergency medical help. You can also call the respective Poison helpline.

Extreme heat or exceeding the withstanding temperature can lead the canister to burst and that’s why you are advised not to store the inhaler in your car during hot days. Moreover, do not throw the empty canister in open flame.

Precautions to be followed before taking this Proventil medicine

Obviously, if you are allergic to Albuterol then this is strictly prohibited for you. If can be harmful and even fatal

For further confirmation on your end whether Proventil is safe for you or not, you must tell your doctor if you have:

  • Heart Diseases
  • Problem of Blood pressure, expecially high blood pressure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Epilepsy like seizure disorders
  • Major health issues like Diabetes or Overactive thyroid
  • Low potassium or other mineral level in your blood
  • If you are pregnant or planning to be one in near times, do ensure to tell the doctor about the same
  • As the fact is still unknown and unverified whether the Proventil medicine harms an unborn baby or not, it is suggested to have some words with your doctor.
  • Unfortunately, it is not known whether the Albuterol inhalation passes or infuses in the breast milk and causes harm to nursing baby, that’s why experts recommend discussing your situation with the doctor that you are breast feeding a baby right now.
  • Proventil is not approved for usage by anyone who is younger than 4 years old

Frequently Asked Questions on Proventil Inhaler:

What happens if I miss or forget to take up my dose of Proventil Generic? What can happen?

While such practices are strictly avoided, even then in case you forget to take your dose of Proventil for one time and remember to use the Porventil inhaler later on, make sure you use the missed dose as soon as you remember. Though if you remember it almost the time for next dose, then skip that one! Do not take the excessive dose of Proventil inhaler generic unnecessarily.

I am a certified Pharmcist and want to know about the Proventil price and how can I get the Proventil HFA Coupon?

For a fair idea of prices, you can check the proventil inhaler cost online on our website. You can also check the accurate proventil prices on their home page. However, if you want to get some Proventil HFA Coupon you can get from company or ask them to provide you with some.

What happens if I have an overdose of inhaler Proventil?

Proventil medication is strictly based on the dosage amount and small negligence can prove to be fatal. Overdose of proventil albuterol inhaler can cause dry mouth, fast heartbeat, loss of control, nausea, tremors and other. Seek emergency medical help in such cases.

Is it possible to buy proventil inhaler online? Is it safe if I buy Proventil online rather than from medical store?

Of course, proventil inhalers of any sort including the proventil hfa 90 mcg inhaler are available online on various online pharma stores. Since the inhaler is safe to buy without any prescription, there is no risk if you buy one online from some reputed pharmacy. Please refer to the instructions and precautions before usage for your very own safety. Moreover, they offer cheap Proventil medicine and inhaler.

Is Proventil only meant for Asthma?

No! Proventil for Asthma- this is just one function. The medicine and inhaler can be used for various breathing disorders and you can consult expert, pharmacist or medical doctor before using it.

What if accidently Proventil inhaler medicine comes in contact with my eyes?

You are advised to handle and play it safe while using Proventil inhalers. In case it comes in contact with your eyes, quickly rinse it with water and clean it up. If problem persists, reach out to doctor for safety. Keep in mind to store the Proventil inhaler covered in safe place. The inhaler must not reach the toddlers as it is unsafe for usage for the children that are below 4 years of age.

How often is it safe to use the Proventil Inhaler?

That depends on your situation, health and doctor prescription. Most of the times, you are suggested to use the Proventil inhaler 2 times every 4 to 6 hours. However, things may change in case of emergency. In case you want to use it for exercise breathing then use it half an hour or 15 minutes before the exercise time. It’s best to consult your medical doctor.

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